Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Slacker Moms: Easter 2011.

By Liv

As it turns out, it's much harder than I ever expected to be a Mom. All this cooking and cleaning is enough to make a girl crazy but add to that the expectation to both REMEMBER holidays and then actually plan and execute some type of special tradition on those holidays. How's a girl supposed to do all that?

Easter was largely forgotten until – say the day before. Luckily, Marlane had psychically forecasted my slackerness regarding Easter and she had sent me along with all the fixings for an Easter basket for Stella. Jess ran to the grocery store with just a few hours to spare and landed a few extra goodies for the girls, but to be honest, the only things in their baskets were a handful of jelly beans in plastic eggs, a stuffed animal and a helium balloon. How lame are we?

You know, when our Mom was alive, she would make up these ridiculous baskets overfilling with everything from expensive candies to clothes and jewelry for Jess and I. I'm talking Easter, Valentine's Day, even Christmas and our Birthdays. She did this every year until she passed away when I was 23. So the thought of Jess and I NOT recreating this for our daughters is a little absurd. We promised ourselves to make next Easter much more exciting, but in all actuality, the babies didn't even notice. Phew!

The funniest part of Easter was when we arrived 20 minutes late to the public Easter egg hunt. We were quickly informed by a very kind man that the hunt was over and all the candy had been claimed. When his two daughters saw that Stella and Seren's Easter baskets were completely empty, those two little girls were kind enough to share a handful of foil-covered chocolate eggs with Stella and Seren!

At this point, I'm sure you're wondering what kind of fun it is to just be GIVEN a handful of Easter candy for free - without even having to hunt for it. Well, as it turns out, it's NO FUN at all. So what were we to do? You guessed it – we took the girls to a ball field nearby and chucked all their chocolate eggs in the grass and taught them to pick them up and place them in their baskets.

Stella and Seren were so excited and overwhelmed with joy at this new game that they didn't even notice that we were continuously taking those chocolate eggs that they had been picking up so diligently and redistributing them on the grass. They did this repeated egg hunt for about 10 minutes until we decided they had had enough Easter hunting. It was cute, though, and I'm sure this will be the last year we will be able to pull that trick on them :)

Here are some photos of our little darlings. They were so fun on Easter and I'm so glad that we were able to spend the day with my Sister and her family.

 Wearing the Easter dress from Oma (Grandma) Marlane.

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