Monday, May 16, 2011

For the love of France.

By Liv

I'm convinced that the pastries in France taste about sixty times better than pastries anywhere else in the world. Might this be because I'm always also drinking wine while in France? Maybe, but I can't be sure. Until that question is answered, we will just stick with the fact that wine AND pastries are much more delicious when they are Parisian.

Our trip to France was not completely fun. It also included games! We joined about 200 other Oxford MBA students at the annual MBATs (MBA Tournament, also known as the MBA Olympics) which is Europe’s largest annual gathering of MBA students. The three days of sports competition and festivities unite over 2,000 participants, representing more than 70 nationalities, from Europe’s premier business schools.

Nick competed in tennis and although he didn't win, I'd like to note that Oxford DID win gold in badminton!

While we were in France, we stayed in Versailles, just about 20 minutes outside of Paris. It was a fun trip and I'm glad that Stella was able to see a new part of France that she hasn't seen before. Here are some photos of our adventure:

 One of my favorite pastimes: drinking wine and hanging out with Stella.

The Palace of Versailles

 Admiring the water feature. 

I'd like some recognition for hauling around a baby all day... 
on my back... up hill... both ways!

 Ziss is zee palace! (and my French accent!)


Watching the MBATs - volleyball.

 Cheering for Oxford.

A quick switch to basketball: we've got to support our team!

 Stella's favorite non-Parisian-in-Paris: Stephanie Poage and her two mini-me daughters. 
I'm convinced that Stella likes them because she looks like them :)

 Julia & Stella.

 You can put on a silly costume, London Business School bulldog but the fact is, you still lost!


 How did people ever travel with kids before technology?!

 Versailles, part II. This time, Daddy is carrying Heavy McStellaPants!

 Ziss is zee gate. (French accent, yet again.)

 The Tostenrude-Hernandezes.

 Nigerians are not good salesmen.

French pastries that (you guessed it) go well with wine.

 We made a little side-trip to the palace of Notre Dame and I can't 
begin to explain my disappointment in not seeing a single hunchback!

 Stella is by far the best traveler ever! Trains, planes, buses, 
taxis, backpacks and slings - this girl can do it all!

Happy to have experienced France again. Hopefully we will return again soon!