Saturday, April 9, 2011

La Familia Hernandez.

By Liv

We made it to California! The weather here is lovely: sunny and warm. The people are lovely: my family are more than happy to have us here. The food is fantastic: we've had mexican food at least once a day since we arrived. We are so very thankful for our beautiful family.

Today, we met some of my family that we've never met before. They came to my Uncle's house and we enjoyed some delicious carne asada BBQ, tamales, homemade guacamole, beans, rice... I'd continue but I'm afraid I'm making you hungry and we all know that whatever you have in your fridge isn't half as delicious as what I just mentioned.

We sat outside, stuffed our faces, talked about family: both here and past. I wish Grandma Hernandez were here. She would've loved to sit and eat with us. She would've told us so many great stories.

 Cousin Kailey loves her little Beebo.

 We met Dinah today for the first time. I can't believe we waited this long!

 Chef Boyar-Sam. 

 Baby girl Chiquita.

Stella's personal hair dresser.

 Mama's girl.

 Pretty Kimmi.

Uncle pulls out the big guns.

Stella loves her cousins, and they love her!

 Que delicioso!

 Silly Daddy!

Favorite Uncle Sam.

 Point at your favorite person, Stella!

 Uncle Sam and Dinah's husband Darnell.

My two loves.

Deep thoughts.

 She wasn't exactly sure about the pool.

After a winter in England, this is heaven.

 Kailey the water baby!

Mama y her little mama.

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