Sunday, April 17, 2011

Liv hits the big three-oh.

By Liv

I woke up, like any other day, to the soft and sweet voice of my daughter whispering, "Hi, Mama!"

Nick had scoped out a breakfast joint that he really wanted to take me to. It was called "Dharma's" and was 100% vegetarian and organic. We had a tofu-scramble breakfast burrito and some delicious coffee. My tummy was full and I was content to go home and change in to my beach ware and sit in the sand all day...

Somewhere between breakfast and the beach, Nick side-tracked and pulled in to a Spa. He then announced that I would be spending the morning in a state of ultimate pampering. I cannot explain my excitement at this point :) I spent the next 3 hours being covered in gooey body-firming concoctions, inside a steam tent, then massaged and relaxed and finally with a skin rejuvenating facial. Just when I thought my spa day was over, I was greeted with a personal tea service for one. Ah... I could do that every day!

The remainder of my day was spent eating delicious taqueria tacos, walking and playing in the sand on the beach and wrapping up our day with a sushi dinner followed by a birthday key lime pie. I can't say exactly how different it feels to be 30, but I can say that I'm glad I have such a loving family to share the day with me.

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