Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Last stop: Seattle, Washington.

By Liv

Last but not least, we ended our whirlwind trip in Seattle with my (crazy) family. The over-indulgence in eating continued, as did the beer and tequila drinking, along with my 2-week-long birthday celebration. The highlight of this stop was definitely seeing my little (well, she's actually pretty big now...) niece, Seren. Stella and Seren sure love each other. Stella spent most of her day calling for Seren, "Say-Say! Come!" and chasing my Dad's dog around the house.

NOW I remember why people choose to live so close to family when they have kids. I can't remember the last time Stella was around so many people who love her!

Fun at the playground with the girls:

Cooking: what we do best.

Eating: what we do even better.

Mid-morning dance party!

The McClurkens.

Stella and Seren have matching sheep. Stella obviously loves hers :)

Opening my birthday gift from my Papa.
New earrings!

Birthday cupcakes. My favorite one was the red velvet cake. Yum.

Jess and the girls.

Dad thinks it's hilarious when Stella rides Zeta.

Cousins even share bubbles :)

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  1. Looks like you guys had a fun time up north!