Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our old "home" - Visiting Portland, Oregon.

By Liv

After spending a couple of weeks in California, we flew up to Portland to visit with Nick's parent's and our friends – many of whom we haven't seen in over a year!

We spent most of our time in Portland hanging out at Mike & Marlane's house and watching Stella enjoy all of the awesome kids toys that they have. Nick and I were both glad to see how much Stella enjoyed being around her grandparents, too. And as it turns out, they had just as much fun as she did!

First off, let me start by saying that I have the best in-laws ever. When we arrived to Mike & Marlane's house, it was just a few days after my 30th Birthday and I was welcomed with this beautiful birthday gift:

There's a reason why Stella loves her Grandparents: because they are fun!
Their house has the best toys - including a sandbox!

Fun at the playground in Vancouver, Washington.
This place isn't just for kids!

A quick visit over to Paul & Annie's house was just what Stella 
needed. She quickly remembered Ava from their time together in Germany 
last summer, and the girls went straight to work getting in to all sorts of trouble...

"We've got a phone and a wheelbarrow... what kind of trouble can we get in to?"

Plotting and scheming.

Ava doesn't have to say anything, her face says it all!

They are pretty sure there's something hidden in these cupboards.

Just in time for us to say goodbye, I hosted a dinner for a group of my 
girlfriends and their kids. I've never seen all of them together at the same time, 
so this was a special treat. Stella especially enjoyed all the other babies :)

She loved holding Cooper :)

Friends since I can remember: Autumn and her beautiful twins: Joselyn and Cooper.

Maria, Autumn, Melissa, Me, Tiffany Jarvis, Tiffany Turner, Angela, Shaun & Syreeta.

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