Friday, October 28, 2011

Stella's first hair cut

By Liv

I've been told by numerous people that I should NEVER cut Stella's beautiful locks. But the truth is, it needed it! Luckily, I have a lovely friend (who also happens to cut my hair) and agreed to tame Stella's mane. Ava owns Tigerlilly salon in Ballard and does an amazing job with hair. I'm so very thankful that she went out of her way (and out of her comfort zone) to attempt cutting little bambina's hair.

As I promised, and much to Ava's surprise, Stella was perfect in the salon chair. She sat in silence and simply observed what was happening around her. In the end, we left with no tears shed and not a peep from her little mouth until I asked if she was ready for her lollipop :)

Settling in Seattle

By Liv

We are pretty much settled in. We've found a beautiful new townhouse in Fremont (Seattle) that is filled with natural light, hardwood floors and all the comforts that we've missed over the last two years of traveling and living abroad.

Now that we are settling in to our new home, we have enjoyed getting out and doing some fun things. Here are some of the highlights from our October in Seattle.

Searching for the perfect Halloween pumpkin: All three of us had a lovely time splashing through the mud in search of the perfect pumpkin. We took a tractor ride and attempted the corn maze before heading home and warming up with some hot cocoa. Stella, of course, wanted to pick out the SMALLEST pumpkin she could find...

A breathtaking view of Seattle from the Bainbridge Island ferry: Not that it's possible, but if one ever runs out of fair-weather outings in the Emerald City, I highly recommend a trip to one of the many destinations that the local ferry takes you to. We took the short trip to Bainbridge Island and back. Stella loved being on the ferry and seeing all the sights from a different perspective - and we enjoyed the fresh air and time together as a family :)