Friday, December 12, 2008

Following Progress in Renewable Energy

If you ever want to follow the latest news in Solar, Wind, or other sources of renewable/clean energy, is a great site. So far, this has been the most helpful site to me in my research on this market.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Adventure in Belize

Our adventure started in Belize City, Belize, where we flew in and took a 2-hour taxi ride to San Ignacio. There, we stayed in an Eco-Tourism cabin. Besides the wolf spiders and scorpion in our cabin, it was quite a cool place.

Just down the road from our cabin, we took a ferry across the river and hiked up a hill to see the "Stone Lady", which is an archeological dig site where Mayan ruins are being unearthed. It was an amazing sight to witness. We learned that Mayans wanted to be as close to God as possible, so they chose to build their pyramid-like cities on top of mountains.

Our next stop was back to Belize City and on a 45-minute "water taxi" (speed boat) ride to Caye Caulker, a tiny island just a few miles long and half a mile wide. There, we went snorkeling, learned a bit about the native Mayans (by talking to the Mayan bar tender during happy hour...) and relaxed in the sunny warmth of the hammocks.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pepe le Puppy

Almost every day, Nick and I look at Pepe and say to each other, "He's so freaking cute." We love him so much! We have been able to train him to stay with us even when he's off his leash, and he really enjoys going with us on long hikes because he can run ahead and check things out. 

We even considered getting another Aussie so that we could have TWO smart/loving/hilarious pups to play with, but we decided that we don't think we'd ever love a dog as much as we love Pep.