Thursday, May 10, 2012

Olive's Monthversary

By Liv

Olive Chapa is now 1 month old! We didn't do anything spectacular to celebrate the occasion because we don't want to set her expectations too high for her next milestones. We tried to downplay it and give her encouraging words like, "Good job losing your belly button stump!" And "Nice poo!". Things of that sort.

In the last month, a lot of things have happened (besides the belly button and poo). Here's some photos (and a video) of them.

Since Olive doesn't quite do much yet besides sleep, here is a funny little video of her facial expressions caught mid-dream :)

 She went on her first car ride and we camouflaged her as a pink bear in the even that we ran in to a group of pink bears.

 In general, she laughs a lot. It's almost always in her sleep, though. I always assume she's dreaming of her Dad singing Backstreet Boys.

 Though she might insist she's ignored, Stella has joined in on the baby cuddling as often as she can :) 

 Olive spends about 99% of her waking hours trying to get her hand to her mouth. Then, when it doesn't cooperate, she gets insanely angry at it.

 When Olive is upset, Stella tries to calm her with a song or a glow worm song :) 

 Getting 2 kids to nap at the same time is, in fact, rocket science. I now have a PhD.

We can all fit on the rocking chair!

 Because my day revolves around breastfeeding, cleaning up bodily functions and damage control, I have to find entertainment when I can. Here, I staged Stella next to Olive with their respective royal gear - Olive with her crown, Stella with her wand.

 We've had our fair share of visitors. Here is Seren learning how to hold a new baby. This is a great skill to have her practice because she will have her very own baby brother in a few months!

 The Gareys also stopped by and brought us some delicious home-cooked food. Rob is one of Nick's fellow MBAs from Oxford - and it just happens that he and his lovely wife also live in Seattle! Although their daughter (Quinn) doesn't appear happy in this photo, don't let her fool you. I am sure she just wanted some of the delicious Mexican food her Mama made us :)

 Sister cuddles :) 

 Olive's first bath. Stella obliged and didn't splash her... very much.

 1 month old!

Sweet girl.