Saturday, May 1, 2010

Venice, Italy

By Liv

Leaving the ship brought on some mixed emotions for me. Excitement and optimism for the adventure ahead, but I must admit that I really enjoyed *not* cooking and cleaning for 14 whole days.

Our hotel room was situated just outside of Venice, in a town called Maestre. Our hotel room was nice and seemed HUGE in comparison to our little cruise ship cabin that we had been in for the previous two weeks. Upon arrival, we stopped in at the continental breakfast (as we had checked in early in the morning) and I was beyond thrilled to taste something besides the usual fare on the cruise.

The orange I first ate was the most amazingly delicious piece of fruit that I've ever tasted. It was followed by a marmalade-filled croissant that might be illegal in some countries. Since that morning, I had the pleasure of tasting the most delicious of all these dishes: spaghetti with clams in an olive oil sauce, margherita pizza, panini sandwich with prosciutto and olives, lasagna with creamy meat sauce and mouth-watering spaghetti with meat sauce.

AND THE WINE. Red wine with dinner was about 3 Euros for a half liter. It was cheaper than water!

For the next two days, we took water taxis and trains all around town. We visited Venice and ate more than necessary. We took a water taxi to the island of Murano, where glass blowing is the local art form. We ate too much while in Murano, too :)

We visited St. Mark's Square and Cathedral, and Stella got a kick out of watching the birds fly around her.

We finished our stay in Italy by eating, yet again, way too much food at a local restaurant and washing it down with some more delicious wine.

I was sad to leave Italy because I knew that the food was the best I'd ever had, but looked forward to the next adventure!


  1. Glad you got great weather to go with your awesome food. And Murano – bet it was GORGEOUS!! (seething with jealousy!!) :)

  2. It was awesome, Darci! You must go there!