Wednesday, May 26, 2010


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By Liv

I type this with enthusiasm because all three of us were overwhelmingly happy to arrive in Paris... and the main reason was because it was a very long drive and someone (not to name any names, Stella...) decided that she was ready to get out of the car about an hour before we arrived... poor baby!

We made it up to her, though. In Paris, we have:

• Gone to the French Open - It was totally rad. I watched Hennin play. I can't wait to see another Grand Slam!
• Seen the Eiffel Tower and taken a million pictures of Stella in front of it.
• Seen and toured the Louvre (Stella slept through this. She totally doesn't appreciate great art...)
• Eaten at least 3 pastries a day... each.
• Taken Stella on her first carousel. I'm pretty sure Nick had more fun than Stella.
• Walked and walked and walked, taken the subway/metro, and walked some more!


  1. Your slide show brings back so many good memories of Paris! J'aime beaucoup! They have the best coffee, too. Mmmmmm. Enjoy your vacay!

  2. OMG the cafe au lait was my favorite!