Saturday, April 24, 2010

Last stop - Malaga, Spain

By Liv

Malaga is a beautiful city with a rich history and even more wonderful local foods. One of our favorite things to do on these port stops is to take a yellow bus tour. These tours give us a thorough view of the city while allowing Stella to take an often much needed nap!

In Malaga, we did a lot of walking because there was just entirely too much to see that we didn't get to during the tour. We stopped in a few places for cervezas, cafe and tapas. The food was delicious and the locals that we encountered were very kind and helpful.

After all the walking, we were ready for a nap. We headed back to the ship and all laid down for our daily family nap. I love naps because Stella always wakes up in a great mood - ready to do some more exploring.

I'm sad that this was our last port to visit, but excited for our next adventure - Venice, Italy on April 24th and then Germany on April 28th!

If you're reading this blog, then that means that you are one of the many people that we miss. We haven't been able to get online for very long, as the cruise charges a ridiculous rate for internet usage onboard, but we look forward to being in touch again once we are settled in Germany.

From the three of us, we send all our love to all of our friends and family!


  1. Awesome pictures. My favorites: All of the Stella shots!

  2. jealous! Stella is beautiful.
    Awesome that you are taking the bus tours right away.
    Portland misses you guys.

  3. Thanks, guys! We miss Portland, too.

  4. Miss you, too, Liv, but it looks like you're having an incredible adventure! Can't wait to see more when you post. :)