Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spa-aahhhh, Belgium

By Liv

Now, let's get something straight: I really enjoyed Paris. But let's be honest here, it's big and busy and pretty un-relaxing. Our hotel was fairly economical, which meant that it was a 2-star accommodation and our room was barely large enough for Nick and I to both be in the room at the same time, unless one of us stood on the bed. I'm serious!

This made things is a bit difficult with a crawling baby. There was nowhere for her to explore! So you can understand my excitement to head out of the big city and to a smaller town - and hopefully a larger hotel room.

Nick did a wonderful job finding us lodging in Spa, Belgium, which is about halfway between Paris and home (Neustadt, Germany). We drove about 4 hours today and landed at a beautiful Bed & Breakfast operated by probably the nicest people. I'm so glad that we are here. Our room is huge, spacious and beautifully decorated. The house is amazing, clean and just lovely! There is a huge backyard that has a play structure for kids and a sandbox and a beautiful bright green lawn. We took Stella out to play in the sand and grass and she was in heaven. I figured it's the least we can do after making her sit in the car for so long :)

I can't wait to post more photos from Spa, Belgium. Hopefully our next blog will be about some wonderful spa services that we have enjoyed while here!

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  1. I think Stella's going to like Grandpa's sandbox!