Saturday, May 1, 2010

Munich, Germany

By Liv

From Venice, we boarded a high speed train (about 150 mph) to Munich. We passed through the Alps and Austria and vowed to make another trip to Austria one day. The views from the train were breathtaking. Small villages, beautiful snow-topped mountains and churches built in to the side of mountains, or on the top of a mountain that would seem impossible to climb, yet alone build a church on.

This train ride was particularly difficult for Stella. She has been working on her bottom two teeth and the nonstop travel has made it difficult for her to get any good naps in during the day. But we arrived in Munich in the same number of pieces that we were when we boarded the train, made our way to our hotel and collapsed in to a night of restful relaxation.

It soon dawned on us that we needed to learn German. Although some people in Munich speak English, we knew that the town we were headed to was not as large as Munich and our chances of finding another person to talk to (besides each other) was next to none. We practiced our German every time we went out to eat, but we were almost always simply blabbering :)

While in Munich, we took in some of the local sights including a huge farmer's market with bright and exotic produce and cheeses. On our way home, we stopped at a park and enjoyed an afternoon of playing in the grass with Stella. She's been a trooper through all of this change and craziness. We really have been impressed and look forward to showing her even more great trips and sights soon.

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