Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5 hours on the Autobahn to Würzburg, Germany

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By Liv

I swear those five hours shaved a few years off of my life. German drivers on the Autobahn are very good drivers, but they drive ridiculously fast. And, of course, Nick decided that he needs to drive "like a German" even though we have a 3-cylinder rental car. I bet we were the only people going that fast that weren't driving a Mercedes!

Our first road trip in Germany was to Southern Germany, to a town called Würzburg. One of our dear friends, Hilde, is from Würzburg and was heading back to visit her family, so we met her there and stayed one night in her Brother's hotel right near the center of town.

Hilde took us through the town and gave us a wonderful tour filled with stories of her life during the war. We are thankful to have such a lovely friend and to be able to share a day with her and her family while listening to stories and memories in such a historic town.

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