Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A shmorgishborg of photos from this week

By Liv

Our daily lives may seem uninteresting, but in all actuality they aren't. We have at least one minor emergency, laughing fit, crying-induced-breakdown and tickle attack every single day. That makes for a very interesting life.

This week's photos are not really related to any specific topic so much as just a peek in to our daily lives.

Stella has become amazingly interested in her closet, and unpacking it. It does get a little tiring to refold and arrange her clothes every day (and sometimes twice a day), but she has so much fun doing it, we can't take that away from her!

We've learned that our little bambina has some type of dairy allergy. You can see in her photo below that she gets a rash on her face (and swollen red eyes) whenever dairy products come in contact with her skin. We took her to a local Pediatrician and asked about this and the Doctor said that this is actually pretty normal for babies and that she will likely grow out of it. We sure hope so. This visit to the Doctor was our first encounter with Socialized Medicine and it was really fantastic. We called at noon and were seen at 12:30. The care was wonderful. The Doctor took her time with Stella, she had a lovely office that was decorated in bright colors and decorations for her little patients, and she gave us some samples of mild soaps to take home with us. We are relieved to have had such a great experience!

Some other exciting news that we would like to share is that GERMANY IS GOING TO WIN THE WORLD CUP. That's just a quick FYI. We've been watching all of the games on tv and after the most recent game (Germany kicked Argentina's brown a$$es 4-0... ahem), Nick, Stella, Lilli and I took to downtown to get spaghetti ice to celebrate. What is spaghetti ice, you ask? Well, it's ice cream that is put through some type of contraption that makes it look like spaghetti noodles. Then, they top the ice cream with a "sauce" that is usually red, to look like spaghetti sauce, and then top that with shredded nuts of some kind that look like parmesan cheese. Lilli ordered hers without all the toppings, but you can get the general idea. It was delicious and fun to eat. Poor Stella didn't get any, though.

There are a few fruit trees/bushes here at the house. My favorite so far is the ginormous cherry tree. We have all eaten our weight in cherries already, I'm sure, and the season is just beginning!

Besides cherries, there is another German delicacy that I feel the need to share. It's called Waldmeister and it is a green syrup that is added to a specific beer - Berliner White Beer (from Berlin!) and it creates a green beer that tastes kind of fruity, not too fruity, and kind of honeyish. It's surprisingly not revolting, as I expected. But I don't expect to be drinking it very often :)

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