Monday, February 13, 2012

Stella's modeling photos for

By Liv is a website that sells items for children/babies and Mamas. The funny thing is that the main reason I even know that Zulily has modeling positions open for children is because I'm on their website (buying stuff) far too often – ask Nick.

Of course, every parent thinks their child is the most adorable thing ever created, and I'm definitely one of those parents. But apparently someone at Zulily thought so, too, so they invited us to their corporate headquarters to have Stella model for them.

We had a lovely time hanging out in their "green room", which was basically a kids' toy room filled with the coolest toys in the world. Stella was a doll and although it was hard to coax a smile from her, both her stylist and photographer loved her. Here are a few photos from that shoot.

I'm not sure if Stella will ever model again – I will leave it up to her. She says she liked it and would like to do it again, so if the possibility arises, I just may be posting some more photos!


  1. Very Cute! She is so sweet! The clothes are cute too

  2. Thanks, Dawn! It was a cute dress - I kind of wished they would've let her keep it :) -Liv