Friday, February 17, 2012

Enjoying Valentine's Day again

By Liv

Ever since the day we met, I've always told Nick that Valentine's Day is one of my least favorite days of the year: all the consumerism, over consumption and needless worry over a silly day. I very much dislike cut flowers (you just have to throw them away in a few days, anyways) and am not a fan of chocolate. So, Nick followed my cues and almost every year did nothing for V-day, which was fine by me.

Now that Stella is old enough to appreciate Holidays (you should have seen her excitement over Christmas, which is by far one of my LEAST favorite holidays ever), I realized that there was fun to be had in some of these holidays - even if it meant just enjoying a few small things with my little bambina.

And in remembering the lovely days when my own Mom was still around, I have very fond memories of waking up Valentine's morning and having a huge gift basket filled with toys, candy and other goodies from my Mama. Jess and I used to love these mornings and I want more than anything for Stella to have memories like these to share with me. So I put together a little basket - just like my Mom used to do - and put a few small things in it for Stella.

Of course, the one thing I knew Stella really wanted was a cupcake. Being gluten/egg/dairy free makes cupcakes a little more difficult but I wasn't about to be discouraged even after driving around town on the night of February 13th scouting out all the gluten/vegan bakeries for a special treat for Stella. Unfortunately, everyone was sold out, so I headed home and whipped out my trusty baking supplies and put together a delicious batch of orange cream cupcakes with orange flavored frosting - tinted pink with a little raspberry preserves :) The cupcakes were a hit, as were all the other goodies she found in her V-day basket.

I'm so glad I have the opportunity to share these holidays with my new little family and I look forward to sharing them with Stella's little Sister soon :)


  1. So nice! I've learned many things from you Liv. GOD bless you and your family :)

  2. Lovely!!! Miss you so mush Liv, Stella and Nick:)