Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Hernandez girls (and their men) take on the Seattle Aquarium

By Liv

Imagine two 2-year-old Hernandez-spawn running free at the Seattle Aquarium: one wearing bright red shoes that squeak with every step, the other in a bright blue tutu and fast-paced run. This is what you get:

 Cousins don't shake hands! Cousins gotta HUG!

 Hernandez-Mclurken Family

 Teaching the girls to hold hands was the best idea yet.

 Accosting the poor defenseless sea creatures.

 Stella said, "Those amemomees were shiny!" (she meant slimy, I hope!)


 They couldn't wait to see the seals.

 Daddy's little girl.

Seren was much more interested in playing with Stella's hair than watch the fish :)

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