Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wimbledon 2011.

By Liv

Nick is a member of a tennis club here in Oxford, so he had the option to enter a lottery to buy tickets to Wimbledon this year. He was lucky enough to land two sets of tickets to two different days. The first day (Monday) was a wash, literally. It poured down rain and we ended up not seeing a single second of tennis. The second set of tickets was for Saturday and it was perfect weather – it completely made up for our crummy first attempt at Wimbledon!

We had tickets to Court 1, so we were able to watch Nadal vs. Muller, Serena Williams vs. Maria Kirilenko as well as the Bryan brothers vs. Gonzales/Starace.

Even though we knew beforehand that children under 5 are not allowed in the stadium matches, we hid Stella in the backpack carrier and waited until she was asleep to sneak past the security in to our stadium seats. Even after she woke up and I held her on my lap, she was perfectly quiet and once the security man came over to inform me that children are now allowed, he then continued to say that he would allow her to stay until the end of the match (Federer!) since she was being so quiet. I think it's a sign that she will one day be playing on that court :)

 Day #1 was rainy, but this is where we WOULD HAVE sat if there were a match going on!


The highlight of the day was her Wimby bear. 

 The princess in her seat up-high.

Wimbledon try #2: Bryan brothers vs. Gonzales/Starace

  Bryan brothers vs. Gonzales/Starace

 Sleeping through the first half of Nadal vs. Muller


 Awesome seats.

 Enjoying Wimbledon's famous strawberries & cream.

 Her future's so bright, she's gotta wear shades!

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