Monday, June 6, 2011

Country of Origin Party.

By Liv

A friend of ours, Meg McCosker, had a lovely idea: to host a party to celebrate all the different countries that some of the MBAs came from. The rules of the party were to wear some clothing to represent your country and bring along a food that was specific to your country.

Since I see myself as Mexican and American, and since American food (and clothing) seemed boring to me, I decided to stick with the Mexican side. I dressed in a latin-inspired outfit and made my famous coconut flan to share with everyone. It was a hit. Better yet, Nick decided to join me and dress as an American tourist in Mexico: perfectly paired with a sombrero and a candy-filled piñata. The piñata was, of course, a highlight of the party. We had a great time and send many thanks to the McCoskers for inviting us. We can't wait to visit all of our Oxford friends in their countries of origin after the school term is over!


 American PB&Js.

 Renee, the loud-talking American :)

 Nick and Pete contemplating the logistics behind hanging the piñata... indoors.

 Friends from all over the world.

 Renee tried but failed.

Get it, Holly!

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