Monday, June 6, 2011

Edinburgh, Scotland.

By Liv

I'm really behind on my updates, sorry! We went to Edinburgh, Scotland a few weeks ago and had a lovely time. Edinburgh reminds me a lot of Oxford (old buildings: beautiful architecture/castles) but the main difference is that there are mountains, and the castles up on the mountains make for an amazing skyline.

Edinburgh was one of our favorite places we have visited. There's a never-ending list of things to do there. We stuck to our usual plan which includes wandering around, seeing the main attractions and playing at local playgrounds with Stella – while enjoying copious amounts of food in between our adventures.

 We saw a sign advertising margaritas and Mexican food. We just HAD to stop in!

 The Castle.

 The Castle.

  The Castle.

 We arrived at the Castle just in time to see their daily cannon shooting extravaganza.

 The cannon shooting is followed by a musical performance by men in kilts. Awesome!

 I was probably a little too excited to see the men in kilts.

 So much history, so little time.

 Admiring the view from the top of Edinburgh.

 I couldn't escape!

 Stella said, "Oh, look Dad! A horse!"

 Playground break!

 The Royal Britannia: Britain's royal cruise ship. Decommissioned in 1994 but open for tours.

 A flag for each country on board the Royal Brittania. 

 The royal dining hall on board the Royal Brittania.

 "The Queen".

 Such a lovely ship!


  1. Nice pictures Liv. Looks like a cool place.

  2. Thanks, Mike. It's beautiful! -Liv

  3. Gorgeous Liv!!!! Can't wait to hear all your stories!