Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm sorry.

By Liv

Most people don't even know that we have a blog, but for those who do, I have been told that we aren't keeping up to date with it. I'm sorry! To be honest, I haven't even wanted to look at my blog because I know the last post I will see is about Pepe and the thought of him makes me so overwhelmingly sad... it brings me back to the day that he died and I miss him terribly all over again.

But, I have been taking many pictures of all the different events in our lives and I do really want to share them. So please excuse me if these photos aren't in a recognizable order, but until I'm back to speed with my photo sharing, this will have to do!

Stella and I are ridiculously happy to be home. Our trip back to the States was fun and it was so very nice to see our friends and family, but there's nothing better than when all three of us are together.

Oma and Papa gave Stella her very own guitar. Stella and Nick like to play their guitars together!

Stella and Nick play games before bed every night.

Stella has now officially moved to her own bedroom. To celebrate, we decorated it with a cute tree and flower wall decals. It's very "organic" looking with the main colors being brown and lime green. Here is a picture of her doing the sign for "tree' in front of her tree.

Stella is quite the little chatterbox lately. Her Pediatrician was
shocked at how many words she knows: both verbal and sign-language.

Thanks for the new shoes, Oma!

Of course, we spend a lot of time at the park. It's even more fun now that
we are home and we can all go as a family! Stella sure missed her Dadda.

Um... at least she didn't get her tongue frozen to it!

All bundled up for this cold weather.


Nick just finished his first exam week. It was TOUGH and not just for him. Imagine it... he was gone until midnight most nights, studying in the library. I'm so glad he has a 4-week break now.

On December 18th, Oxford was hit with over 12 inches of snow. This is the front of our house and Nick's bicycle, which (luckily) he doesn't need for a few weeks... We had snow as recently as today (December 20th), and we should be getting even more this week!

Observatory Street... Home sweet home!

The Radcliffe Observatory - behind our house.

Stella actually did not like the snow at all. She kept saying, "Up please!"