Monday, December 20, 2010

The Christmas Choir @ Christ Church Cathedral

By Liv

Have you seen the movie "Harry Potter"? If you have, you would easily remember the dining hall scene in the movie - the scenes where wizardly students are adorned in long robes and surrounded by magical candlelight and spells. Well, the place where these dining scenes were filmed was at Christ Church College - where I went to watch the all-boy Christmas Choir. Christ Church was built by Henry VII in 1546. Talk about history...

Because of the flash snow storm, many people weren't able to use their tickets to see the Christmas Choir at Christ Church Cathedral - which happens to be one of the best Holiday events in all of Oxford. I joined my two neighbors and good friends, Stephanie and Bess, in bundling up in every possible layer of warmth before making the trek (by foot!) to watch the choir.

The music was amazing. The boys were amazing. They stood in silence completely still and waited for the conductor to give them the sign to begin. Once they started to sing, I understood why this is one of the best Christmas events that Oxford has to offer. I'm so glad that we were able to go see this!

The Christ Church Cathedral Grounds. Normally, visitors are not
allowed on the grounds unless they are a member of the college.

Steph, Myself and Bess. Friends and neighbors!

We were seated in front of a the Sarcophagus of Sir Georgius Croyden from 1386.

Thanks to my Art degree, I was able to notice and appreciate the double barrel vaulted ceilings!

I was sneaky enough to capture one of the songs on video...

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