Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sucking up the last of the sunshine.

By Liv

The weather in Oxford has been fantastic: bright sunny skies with a refreshing cool breeze. Knowing that this could all change at a moment's notice, Stella and I have been taking every possible chance we can to get outdoors. We have enjoyed trips to the two nearby playgrounds almost every day.

We also made it to the Oxford Newcomer's Club, which helps new Oxford residents become acquainted with their fellow newcomers. Stella had a great time playing with some brand new toys and I enjoyed meeting some other Mamas from all around the world.

After the long days of activities, our favorite time of the day is dinner and bath time. I am so thankful to have such a sweet little girl to share my days with. She's becoming quite the lovey little girl: she now gives endless kisses, hugs, pats on the back and loves to lay her head on my shoulder when I hold her. I hope she never grows out of this phase!

Nick has started school and homework and is still really busy. He has joined the Oxford Tennis Team and had his first practice this evening. I'm so proud of him and look forward to taking Stella to his first match. In the meantime, I picked up Stella her very own pink tennis racket. It's never too early to start getting her used to it, right?


  1. Might be time to switch her to a Wilson racquet. I talked to our favorite Wilson rep last night and he was concerned that the Prince racquet might hamper her development. Personally, I'd not be too concerned about her racquet. Just focus on footwork drills.......

  2. Maybe our favorite Wilson Rep will donate a new racquet for her to play with? You should ask!