Thursday, October 14, 2010

She walks, but doesn't want to!

By Liv

Everyone keeps asking, "Is she walking yet?" and the answer has been, "Yes" for a long time now, but the funny thing is that there isn't a definite day that we can say she started walking because she did it so gradually and still prefers to hold my hand when she walks, or to simply crawl.

I'm not sad about it. Let's be honest, kids grow up quickly. My baby is now talking and has her own opinions. I know that it's just a matter of time before she starts wanting to do things without me, have her own friends, talk on the phone... aaah!

But I love this age. I love having my entire day to spend with Stella. I adore her and I hope she will always remember that, even when I'm not near her to remind her.

Here is a quick video of her practicing her walking. My other-mom, Rhonda Jarvis, (my best friend, Tiffany Jarvis's Mom) gave me some good advice the other day. She said that when Tiff was Stella's age, she also didn't really care for walking, so her Pediatrician at the time recommended giving Tiffany a spoon in each hand so that she felt like she was holding on to something while she was walking. The reason he recommended spoons was because they won't hurt her if she falls on them. I decided to try her little trick out and it worked - until Stella decided to sit down and play with the spoons.

What a sweetie pie!

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