Monday, April 19, 2010

Second stop - Lisbon, Portugal

By Liv

Our second stop was Lisbon, Portugal. Again, we decided against the cruise's scheduled tours and instead decided to brave the city on our own.

We picked up some local information from a shop owner and boarded a yellow "hop on, hop off" tour bus for a thorough view of the city. We were amazed at how big the city is - how tall the buildings are and how beautiful the architecture is.

Stella had a great time checking out the sites. We saw some castles, statues, squares and beautiful trees surrounding this awesome city. The "elevator" took us up to a higher level on the street system, and that was very interesting (and frightening for me because I'm afraid of heights!).

Halfway through our stay in Lisbon, we decided that we want to come back. But next time, we will stay much longer.


  1. So jealous of your trip. Pictures are beautiful. What an adventure!

  2. Great pictures! Sorry we missed your call this morning.

  3. Thanks for posting the photos, Liv! It's so fun to see your travels!