Sunday, February 15, 2009

February 9th-15th Workouts (Plan Week #19)

I played catch-up for most of the week. After skiing 7 hours on last week's day off, I started monday and tuesday with more downhill skiing which was fantastic (man, was if refreshing to be up in Montana for a few days!). So it was back to training on Wednesday and I played catch up the rest of the week to get all nine workouts in. I finally caught up a few minutes ago after completing a nice swim workout followed by an easy bike to complete the week. First time outdoors on the bike since my crash. Needless to say, I took it easy on the wet spots but it was nice out and most of the snow from yesterday's storm had already melted away.

Bike - 3:35 - 54.8 mi
Swim - 3:15 - 7,400 yds
Run - 3:15 - 19.8 mi

Total - 10:05 - 78.7 mi

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