Monday, February 4, 2013

Yes, these are photos from LAST YEAR.

By Liv

I know you are thinking it. Don't lie. But who really cares if I post pictures that are two months old? I mean, the kids are STILL cute and STILL funny and we are STILL doing basically the same things, so no harm done, right? Right.

 First off, I'm Mom of the year for this little stunt: I booked an all-expenses-paid trip for our family to build Gingerbread houses through the local Children's Museum. It was super fun and we didn't have to clean up the mess!

 She was pretty excited to eat it. (I didn't want to burst her bubble, but we never did end up eating it!)

 Auntie Marcea stopped by to say, "hi" and Olive was overly thrilled.

 Our Christmas tree did not compare to Oma & Papa's.

 (And had much less gifts underneath it...)

 I met up with my friends in Hillsboro. I sure miss those girls!

 While at Oma & Papa's for the Holiday, we had a lot of dance parties.

 Papa & Olive. Strike a pose.

 On Christmas morning, Stella woke up to a TON of gifts from Santa. She was thrilled!

 Donning her mermaid costume on Christmas day. 

 The Hernandez-Tostenrudes.

 Stella's new best friend (compliments of Oma). We now need a bigger house...

 A few weeks after Christmas, we took a weekend trip to Sequim to see my Sister and her babies. They live on a farm with acreage, so we naturally needed to take the girls outside to...


 Olive Chapa and her blue blue eyes. Just like her Daddy.

 Olive spends the majority of her life wrapped to my back. It's the only way I can get anything done!

And she obviously don't mind one bit :) 

 I wish my Mom were here to see this! All of her Grandbabies in one tub. Heaven.

 Nick and Stella have a new hobby: putting together Lego sets. Stella loves it!

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