Friday, November 2, 2012

What's spooky with the Hernandez-Tostenrude clan?

Well, nothing really. Except how freakishly cute our babies are!

This month has been pretty exciting. We enjoyed hand-picking pumpkins at the pumpkin patch with our friends, we introduced Olive to solid foods and took the girls trick-or-treating at's campus (Nick's work). Here are some of our favorite moments, captured...

 Stella has decided that she likes to make funny faces at the camera.

 Olive was mostly excited about trying to grab Stella, as usual...

Pumpkin patches in the Pacific Northwest means wearing wellies, rain coats and hats.

 I sure am glad Stella has her cupcake wellies!

 Nick and his tennis buddy, Peng.

 Olive's first foods: brown rice cereal (she hated it), avocado (loved it), and acorn squash (loved it).

 But let's be honest, the bib was her favorite part of the meal :)

 Stella spends most of her day picking out new outfits. This one was particularly lovely!

I just love her. That's all I can say about these photos!

 For Halloween, Stella was a unicorn. She was convinced that her "horn" made rainbows :) 

 Stella the unicorn thought my rainbow wrap matched her costume nicely - and Olive the dragon :)

 Happy little unicorn trick-or-treating at her Daddy's work.

 Dinner after our Halloween festivities. As you can see, Olive's favorite game is "Grab Stella".

 Silly little girls!

Oooh, Stella hair! Olive's favorite :) 


  1. what cute little girls love you aunt darlene