Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hello, Oxford!

By Liv

We are all moved in to our house in Oxford. We have a fantastic view of the Radcliffe Observatory, which is right next to Green Templeton College (The College that Nick belongs to).

Our house is growing on us. Originally, we walked in and saw only a laundry list of things that needed to be fixed/cleaned, but with every passing day, we find a way to make this house our home. After a few shopping trips at the local has-everything-store (, we have just about all that we need in order to live a fully functional life.

The neighborhood that we live in is considered "Bohemian". There are a number of great caf├ęs, restaurants and bars - all of the ones we have tried so far have had delicious food. There are 3 Indian Restaurants within walking distance, so we are in heaven. My new favorite clothing store is a second-hand store just down the road that has an eclectic selection of gently-loved, funky clothing. I've already started to incorporate the local style in to my wardrobe!

Stella has enjoyed meeting our neighbors - most of whom are either students or spouses of students in the same program as Nick. There is a huge playground down the road and we found a play group that meets once a week that Stella loved.

We have met another new family that lives just a few doors down and Stella has become good friends with their two children. I'm so glad to have made a friend already - and someone to commiserate with once our husbands head off to full time school and leave us at home to *gasp* take care of our own children alone! Haha :)

We are looking forward to a visit from my mother in law, her good friend and our aunt. They are coming in October and staying for two weeks. It will be great to have some family in the house.

That's our update for now. We hope everyone back home is doing well!


First things first: Buy 144 British pounds (and more than 144 physical pounds) worth of food...

Second, buy furniture. Hire Stella to help put it together...
Third, video Skype with Grandpa every single day. Stella demands it!

This is our house. Lucky #6.

This is our Street.

This is the view of the Radcliffe Observatory from our back yard.

Stella (and my) favorite foods: Refried beans and tortillas!

This is the grounds for the Green Templeton College that Nick belongs to.
This is right behind our house!

Green Templeton College grounds — in our backyard.

The Radcliffe Observatory — in our back yard.

The gate from the Green Templeton College grounds to our back yard.

Just a cool looking house down the road from us.

The University Parks are about a 5 minute walk from our house.

Shopping in Oxford.


  1. More great pictures! I really like the one of Stella at the computer. Think we were discussing classic chess openings or something that day...........

  2. I don't know why chess is so funny to her... you were being serious! -Liv

  3. WOW, what a gorgeous place. How green and beautiful. Glad to hear that you've made friends for yourself and little Miss Stella.

    I may visit next year if my Belize trip falls through. I'd love to hang out with ya'll!

  4. That would be AWESOME, Darci! -Liv