Friday, April 17, 2009

Liv's 28th Birthday

I admit it, I was fully expecting my birthday to be a pretty normal/boring day. But Nick wouldn't allow such a thing to happen. Before I even had time to open my sleepy eyes, Nick was downstairs making us tea and breakfast to fuel us for our long day ahead.

Our first activity of the day involved two of my favorite pastimes: volunteering and gardening. We volunteered at a local community garden and green house. The green houses are owned by the adjacent High School and are run completely by volunteers as well as the High School students. All of the students at the High School are considered "troubled youth" and therefore had been previously kicked out of the normal public school system. The volunteers and High School students work together to grow fruits, vegetables and houseplants to sell for fundraising as well as donate to the local low-income families in the community so those families can learn how to be more self-sustaining on a low budget. It was amazing to be part of this communally-focused program. Even our friend Sara came to volunteer with us and we all agreed that we will definitely be returning to volunteer again soon.

The day ended with a dinner of cheese and chocolate fondue at the Melting Pot with our favorite Utahs: Sara and Dan Buri and Soup. We all ate our weight in melted cheese and chocolate and went home full and happy. I'm grateful for such wonderful friends, such a wonderful community and mostly for my thoughtful husband who made my Birthday about all of the things that are most important to me.

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