Sunday, March 25, 2012

March happenings and some of our last outings as the 3 muskateers

By Liv

So many things have happened in the last month, and most of them were pretty unexciting. And as my darling friend (Annie) has so bluntly informed me: I haven't been posting or blogging nearly enough. I guess maybe she's bored because she's about 12 months pregnant and understandably impatient, but I'm sure she speaks the truth. So here are a few photos to appease those who want to keep up with our lives (or just want to see pictures of Stella)!

Auntie Jess came to visit - and (of course) cuddled Stella.
This is what it looks like when TWO Hernandezes are pregnant at once. (I'm almost 37 weeks, Jess is 17-ish)

 Stella-pie got a new kitchen... and apparently needs a new belt :)

 Just like her Mommy - she loves to cook.

 We live about a mile from the Seattle Zoo, so it's a regular outing for us. Stella insists on bringing Minnie-Mouse and showing her all of the animals.

 Learning how to milk a cow: this is an ever-important skill to have - for those times when the apocalypse is near or zombies take over the local grocery store. 


 Trying it out the new pram. Baby Sister will fill the extra seat, but in the meantime, Minnie Mouse gets the smoothest ride in town. 

 Sporting my new Bob duallie. I can't wait to put this jogger to good use after Baby Girl arrives.

 Chillin with my homies: Tiff and her daughter Navah @ the Zoo.

Stella's new wheels. 


  1. LOVE! Couldn't wait to use my Jogger either...I had to wait 8 months to put her in! The bambina loves riding in it.

  2. Ellie Claire has that exact same kitchen! haha! Love the duallie! It's the new model! Your belly is super cute! Miss you all!

  3. Maria, you are such an inspiration with your running. I'm really excited to get in to running after bambina is born :)

    Bess, YOU are the reason I got the Bob and I love it. Thank you for the rec!