Wednesday, December 14, 2011

'Tis the season for buying!

By Liv

If you have any last-minute gifts looming in your near-buying future, I highly recommend buying them from Not just because my husband works there, but also because they have super fast shipping and usually the best prices found online.

And, if you plan on buying through Amazon this holiday season (or any time of year!) please consider navigating to by clicking the banner on the right side of my blog. Why, you ask? Because I recently joined the Amazon Affiliates program, which means that whenever someone navigates to Amazon by clicking on my link on this blog (look to your right), I will make a percentage of commission on their purchase(s). It doesn't cost any extra for the buyer, it just means that Amazon shares a small amount of the purchase price with me!

Don't tell Nick, but this is my long-term plan for Stella's college fund. (He's not-so-secretly depending on a tennis scholarship, but I think I'm much more realistic...).

I hope the giving and buying season is lovely for everyone and I hope you receive everything you asked Santa for this year!


  1. I'll definitely click thru your blog when I shop Why not get Stella to college cheap!?

  2. Thanks, Darc! You are zee best! That was my German accent :)

  3. Now that I have a Fire, I will do click here first before buying..In fact, I just did. Happy New Year!!
    Laura Rech