Monday, March 7, 2011

Oxbridge @ Wimbledon.

By Liv

Once a year, Oxford and Cambridge send their top 4 tennis players to Wimbledon to compete against selected members of the prestigious All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club at Wimbledon. Because he's that awesome, Nick was one of the four players sent from Oxford to compete. We spent last weekend in Wimbledon watching Nick compete and then hanging out in London for a while aftewards. Here are some photos of our adventure:

Stella watched Nick play through the glass.

Check out that serve!

Stella was allowed "outside" to watch some of the match... until she started yelling, "Hi Dadda! HI!"

I promise his match was much more exciting than Stella is making it out to be.

Nick and his doubles partner, Dominic, on the far side of the court.

The indoor courts @ Wimbledon.

Stella was a perfect tennis spectator - and all the members and players were praising her on her excellent behavior during both the matches and the formal brunch and the high tea afterwards.

Trophies in the entryway @ Center court.

Tea, sandwiches and scones were served after the matches were over.

Center court.

She's obviously not grasping the coolness of it all...

Nick's doubles partner, Dominic. 

Oxford team.

Oxford & Cambridge teams.

The three of us celebrated by staying at a beautiful hotel near the Chelsea Bridge in London.


  1. That is SO cool! Congrats, Nick! And thanks SO much for sharing your adventure.

    Due to a bum knee, I can no longer play tennis, sadly. Those courts look AMAZING. Jealous!!

  2. Nice job Nick. That serve still looks pretty "sporty!"

    FANTASTIC pictures Liv.

  3. Thanks, Darc. It was really amazing to be in that place - just imagining the buzz around the time of a big tournament. How cool! -Liv

  4. Everyone looks so happy! Congrats on all of your accomplishments Nick. Stella is beautiful.