Saturday, June 26, 2010

Father's Day in Croatia

By Liv

Have you ever noticed that when you see commercials for Hawaii or other tropical tourist destinations, you leave for your vacation fully expecting to see those exact same crystal blue waters and empty beaches – only to be greeted by murky waters and beaches that are so crowded that you can't even find a place to sit, let alone think or read a book?

That is not at all what Croatia is like. Every awe-inspiring photo on their travel brochure is true to life. The beaches in Croatia look exactly like that. Not only are they beautiful, but there are so many of them that none of them are crowded. This makes for the perfect vacation.

I have to admit that traveling with a baby isn't the easiest thing to do. But the flights to and from Croatia was a breeze with Stella. She slept almost the whole time, both ways. We arrived to balmy temperatures and found our way to the bus and didn't even get lost on our way to our hotel, even though we knew exactly zero words in the Croatian language.

One of our favorite places that we visited was the famous Old Town area in Split. The wall is still surrounding part of the city and within the walled limits, there are a maze of walkways with all-sized shops selling everything from souvenirs to upscale fashions.

Even better than Old Town Split was our adventure to Brela, Spain. We braved the public transportation busses again, journeyed to this famous city, and found that it was well worth the trip (and successive hike down to the beach). There are more restaurants and beaches than you could visit in an entire vacation, the local seafood is delicious and the walkways along the beach are perfect for families with small children who are in strollers or walking. My favorite sight was the little rock island with trees and vegetation covering it - only a few hundred feet from the beach.

We are looking forward to finding a way to visit Croatia again soon. I think we have agreed that this has been our favorite trip so far!


  1. Neat looking place! A yacht named "Stella".... That's pretty neat too!

  2. I know. I wish we had a yacht named Stella! How cool would that be?