Tuesday, June 9, 2009

49 days left to go!*

*Approximately ; )

I am 33 weeks pregnant. That means we have 7 weeks left to go! We are both getting very excited for Stella's arrival. We have everything that we can imagine that we might need for her once she arrives. Our birthing classes are going very well, too! Nick is the only husband who has read all of the suggested husband/coach books that our birthing teacher has recommended. We are definitely getting well prepared.

Here are some of the pregnancy photos that my good friend (Chandra Bickler) took for us. I was 28-29 weeks during the photo shoot, so you can just imagine my belly a tad bigger and that's how I look now.

The approximate due date is July 28th, but our midwife has informed us that most first babies are over due, so we are going to expect her the first week of August, so as not to be disappointed when July 28th rolls by with no excitement.

On a different topic, Nick's Iron Man is Sunday, June 21st and we are both very excited for it. I'm excited to go on another vacation and Nick is excited to get the race under way. I think it will be a lot of fun for him... Hard work, but fun. If anyone is interested in watching the race, let me know!

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